[Comerrers] Welcome and proposal

Love lha@stacken.kth.se
09 May 2002 19:53:32 +0200

I guess I should say something too.

I've never done any i18n and l10n of any program, execpt a test program 10
minuts ago. So I don't really know what I'm talking about.

First, arla not really a consumer of com_err, we just use a large table or
error and strings, duplicating all work of com_err. We/I are interested
i18n of arla, so sharing of error-strings would be great provided the have
approritate license on the files so we can use them.

There is a BSD licensed libintl from citrus project (that netbsd uses), so
we don't have any problems using gettext as an interface.

Comments on Derrik's mail, why should the generated output diffrer between
a i18n and non i18n version ? As I understands it gettext("foo") == "foo"
if there are no .mo files from the current language.

I would guess that Theodore Ts'o suggestion that would be acceptable, but I
don't really understand in what domain the error message should come from.
It seems kind of strange to centralize all error-text when com_err have
made them spread out in all libs. 

Is that the modification Derrik is talking about, should
initialize_error_table{,_r} provide the the com_err lib how in what domain
the error codes are in ?

Or should all error-message be in the "et" domain, and how are they then
appened to each other ?