Please review proposed letter to the IESG regarding the creationof the KITTEN Working Group with the IETF Security Area

Douglas E. Engert
Wed, 19 May 2004 13:56:38 -0500

This look very good. 

I know I have requested the GGF and IETF to review the situation of extensions 
to GSSAPI, and I am sure many of the active GGF members (who also attend the 
IETF) will participate in the BOF and join the new WG. 

And thanks for volunteering to lead this effort.

Jeffrey Altman wrote:
> My apologies ahead of time for the cross-posting to multiple lists.
> Following up on the recent discussions regarding GSSAPI v2 extensions
> which have taken
> place within the Global Grid Forum Security Working Group; on the IETF
> CAT Working
> Group mailing list; the IETF Kerberos Working Group mailing list; and
> many Zephyr and
> Jabber chat sessions, it appears to be time to form a working group as a
> follow up to CAT
> (aka KITTEN) to complete the necessary work.
> Prior to sending a formal request to the IESG I would like to obtain
> feedback from
> the interested parties.  I have posted to:
>     /afs/
> a proposed letter to the IESG providing the justification for the
> creation of the KITTEN working group.  This letter includes a
> proposed charter as well as a set of milestones.
> Please read the proposal letter and send feedback to
> Replies to this e-mail will be redirected to the CAT mailing list.
> Thank you.
> Jeffrey Altman


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