automating 'vos release'

Jim Barlow
Mon, 16 Apr 2001 11:01:53 -0500

On Mon, Apr 16, 2001 at 11:32:55AM -0400, Jeff Blaine wrote:
> > This is going to require that we run a "vos release" on a periodic,
> > automated basis.
> Require?
> I'm against the idea in concept, but that's an opinion.  Why not do
> it by hand (takes 3 seconds to type) when you know you want to
> release for sure?  Anyway...

Not sure how big your cell is, or how many users you support, but doing 
it by hand at many sites would not be feasible.  For instance, we serve
all our web content from replicated AFS volumes.  We have a couple hundered
people who can modify much of that content then need to have the modifications
pushed out to the read-only copies.  If each of these users had to call
an AFS admin every time they made an update, well you get the idea.  So
we release volumes at certain times and everyone knows when these volumes
will be updated.  We also provide an internal web server that mounts the
read-write web tree so the web developers can look at the changes as they
make them and before they are released.

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