automating 'vos release'

David R Boldt
Mon, 16 Apr 2001 12:04:30 -0400

Jeff,    see below...  and apologies in advance for whatever mangling
            our corporate mail package has done to the contents.

                                          -- David Boldt

                    Jeff Blaine                                                  
                    <jblaine@linus.        To:     David R Boldt                 
          >             <>                     
                    04/16/01 11:32         Subject:     Re: automating 'vos      
                    AM                     release'                              

> > This is going to require that we run a "vos release" on a periodic,
> > automated basis.

> Require?

> I'm against the idea in concept, but that's an opinion.  Why not do
> it by hand (takes 3 seconds to type) when you know you want to
> release for sure?  Anyway...

   We will be virtually hosting 50+ hosts, each one of
   which has a dozen or so content maintainers. We are
   a staff of 3 part-timers.  Without AFS we couldn't
   do this at all.