Linux kernel 2.2.19 incompatible with AFS?

Atro Tossavainen
Tue, 17 Apr 2001 12:57:29 +0300 (EET DST)

I recently upgraded to kernel 2.2.19 on various Linux boxes.

Now afsd chokes with the following log messages:

No check server daemon in client.
All AFS daemons started.
All AFS daemons started.
Can't mount AFS on /afs(22).

It's not that the network isn't working, it's doing fine. The same
machines work fine with AFS on older kernels up to 2.2.18. I've got
AFS 3.6, and I've tried both release 2.0 and release 2.5, but no can

Upgrading to 2.2.19 is essential because of security issues. Anybody
got any insight into this?

PS. Transarc, the afs.rc file doesn't exit with an error status if
    afsd fails to start, as in this case. This is trivial to fix for
    the next release, so please do.

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