OpenAFS Project List

Lyle Seaman
Tue, 13 Mar 2001 19:06:26 -0500

Laura Stentz wrote:

> | A better way to  |              | Medium        | Lyle Seaman          |
> | punch through    |              |               | (Spinnaker)          |
> | firewalls        |              |               |                      |

While this *was* my suggestion, and I don't mind being listed as the "contact
point", I hope no one is under any illusions about my ability to do anything
more than kibitz.  My IP agreements with my current employer preclude
anything substantive.

Re: NFS-style hardmounts.  I seem to recall someone having added this code to
the CM in or around 96 or 97, I don't recall who.    I vaguely recall that
Phil did it first, one way, and then I did it again, differently, because I
thought I knew better.   Go figure.

If I'm not hallucinating the whole thing, it was only a few lines, and it was
(intentionally) limited to the local cell, and was probably in
afs/afs_cache.c, and was probably an afsd switch, and probably limited to
RO volumes, and (oh, it's coming to me) was all buried in the code that
checks the RPC return codes.
afs_CheckCode?  and maybe afs_GetVolume?  It wasn't a "strict" hardmount
functionality, but rather it iterated a configurable number of times over the
list of volumes, so it could range from soft to firm, to rather uncomfortably

If the IBM people are still using CML, then it should be one of the last six
deltas I made.  Scary.  It was a fairly q&d hack, but I suppose that's no