[OpenAFS] Re: "hard mounts"

Russ Allbery rra@stanford.edu
20 Mar 2001 03:03:35 -0800

Phil Moore <Phil.Moore@msdw.com> writes:

> This is one area where NFS has leap frogged AFS in a big way.  MP fast
> client and server NFS implementations are commonly available, and the RW
> performance blows AFS away.

> AFS' fortes are RO redundancy, WAN performance, and administration,
> but NOT RW performance.

Wholeheartedly seconded.  It's really depressing to see how little work we
can get out of MP systems for stuff we'd really like to throw MP systems
at, such as bunches of remote users logging on to read Pine.  The system
practically may as well not have more than one processor when lots of AFS
writes are going on.

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