[info-afs] kerberos v5 1.4.x clients and aklog

ph rhole oper slitbit@fastmail.fm
Wed, 05 Oct 2005 21:45:26 +0300

I've setup kerberos v5 with OpenAFS-1.3.x and aklog seems to work fine,
but krb5-1.4.x utilities such as
telnet/telnetd, rsh/rshd , etc.. don't call aklog to get afs tokens.
I have not used the krb5-afs migration kit.
I noticed that the krb_run_aklog = true option in krb5.conf, only refers
to krbv4 tickets!
Isn't there any krbv5 telnet, ftp, rsh utilities that work with aklog?
I also noticed that any krb5-afs migration kits i found, are completely
obsolete and refer to very old kerberos implementations.

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technical university of crete 

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