[krbwg-51] We don't seem to be making that much progress

Douglas E. Engert deengert@anl.gov
Thu, 10 May 2001 13:19:16 -0500

You bring up some good points. London will be comming up soon, 
and I would like to see another draft of the Revisions, with 
Sections 5 and 6 close to final versions. The 51 groups was to
get the section 5 in shape. 

Sam Hartman wrote:
> So, I haven't seen much mail to this list or any updates to the
> tickets on rt.central.org.  I've talked to a few people and it seems
> this is mostly because little work has actually happened.
> We need to get busy to have a new draft out by london.
> Jeff said he sent out passwords to people the week of the conference.
> I'd appreciate it if people could log in and update the due dates of
> their tasks to reflect when they will actually have them completed.
> Adding comments to reflect current progress would also be useful.
> I believe that Tom, Cliff and Microsoft currently have tasks.  I
> didn't know who from MS would be handling one of the issues so it
> currently isn't assigned to an individual.
> Thanks,
> --Sam
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