[krbwg-51] [grand.central.org #274] Re: Consider keeping name referal

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Wed, 16 May 2001 18:25:37 -0400 (EDT)

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[hartmans - Sun May 13 17:47:51 2001]:

> So, I think what we want to do is send to the main working group list
> and make sure they are OK adding back in the realm referals stuff. I
> don't expect any problems, but we should still confirm we have a
> consensus to do this.

I'll post a message to the krb-wg list openning a discussion on this 

c) TGS referrals - the scenario is that you want to remove extensive 
realm binding information from the client configuration. This means 
that a TGS request to a realm that does not have that service can 
return a referral to a "closer" realm. The change is that instead of 
a server returning a service principal unknown error, it will return 
(unsolicited) cross-realm ticket to a "closer" realm. This saves the 
client from having to know the realm of the server beforehand. It 
was agreed that this is very useful and should be part of kerberos-