Unix -> AFS group conversion tool

David R Boldt dboldt@usgs.gov
Thu, 5 Apr 2001 15:34:35 -0400

   Our first AFS server and clients have gone online in the
past two months.  All of this is new, so pardon the level of
the question.

The very first AFS project I am undertaking is to move the
files associated with a webserver from Solaris into AFS.
The system has about 150 users and 50 Unix groups to control
access to files and directories.  (I realize that AFS access
is specified per directory)

Is there any tool to help me in converting the permissions?
I am imagining something that would tool through the
/etc/password file, the /etc/group file, the directories to
be converted, and create a file of all the AFS commands to
create a roughly comparable set of groups and acl's.  (this
file would then of course need to be massaged to optimize

   There is of course the possibility that the permission
models are so different that it would be better to start
over and analyze exactly who needs what permission ... but
after I am done with the above conversion there are 60 or so
more hosts go...
                                          -- David Boldt