automating 'vos release'

Esther Filderman
Tue, 17 Apr 2001 15:57:30 -0400

Harald sez:
> >We give our web folks a tool that lets them release specific volumes.  It
> >requires that you have a machine somewhere with access to a Kerberos
> >identity that's in UserList, (...)
> Add ACLs for volume operations (on a per volume basis where it makes
> sense) to the "wanted" list. The UserList should be killed and replaced
> with something better.

In the dinosaur days of AFS 3.0, before Transarc even existed, I requested a
means to a) have volume operations be done on a more case-by-case basis and b)
have volume operations permissions be seperate from server administration

... for the lot of good that request did....

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