cron on AFS files]

Peter Scott
Fri, 02 Mar 2001 11:47:34 -0800

At 08:11 PM 3/2/01 +0100, Martin Gasthuber wrote:
>   we run AFS for a few years now and from day one we ran into the problem of
>letting cron jobs running on AFS files. Several years ago we installed a piece
>of software developed by CERN which submits the jobs (like cron) together with
>a vald AFS token (that's the good thing). This systems has some intrinsic
>scalability problems and we see more and more problems with it. Now the
>question: Did somebody has another solution for this type of problem ?? We
>thought about using a batch system like LSF which has the ability to
>re-getting a valid ticket at the time the job runs.

Assuming the solution you're talking about is gettoken (which came from 
UMich, though, not CERN), the only scalability issue I'm aware of with it 
is that it can only contact a single authentication server.  I have been 
wanting for some time to convert it to use redundant servers a la klog, but 
I don't know how.

Peter Scott