Problems with upgrading to Solaris 7 & AFS 3.5 Patch 5 on database servers...

Harald Barth
Mon, 19 Mar 2001 11:02:41 +0100

>     Although, I can klog and pts ex and kas ex after the upgrade, all of
> the kerberos dependent code ('ssh', 'sudo', and 'ktelnet') no longer
> function with kerberisation. 

I suppose you found the same bug I described earlier in this list.

Transarc wrote:

>RE:  TR-60627: AFS:  3.5-3.51 does not authenticate krb_udp requests
>I am not certain if I have given you a status on this issue.  I am
>hoping that I just overlooked an email somewhere :D
>Our Development team has created a defect for this problem:
>	madhuri-12541-afs3.5-buffer-overflow-problem, revision 1.1
>and it will be included in the upcoming 3.5, patch 6 release.

You might want to grab at least the kaserver binary from that release.