Undefined symbol in AFS libraries

Nathan Neulinger nneul@umr.edu
Mon, 26 Mar 2001 19:00:32 -0600

Jeffrey Hutzelman wrote:
> On Tue, 20 Mar 2001, Neulinger, Nathan R. wrote:
> > I don't remember if it is on solaris that you have to do it, but I seem to
> > remember needing to list libraries more than once in alot of cases. Try
> > listing -ldes -lrx -lrxkad again at the end of the link line, etc.
> IIRC, only Irix has that problem.  However, you still need to get the
> libraries in the correct order.  For the libaries mentioned, that is
> something like this...
> -lvolser -lauth -laudit -lvldb -lprot -lkauth -lubik
> -lrxkad -lrx -llwp -ldes -lcmd -lcom_err -lsys util.a

Ah cool - but I'll say this - listing em more then once probably takes
less time than figuring out the order if you don't already know it. :)

-- Nathan

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